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Hey y'all! Welcome to the first Painted Snake blog post. Chances are, if you've found this page it's because you follow our Painted Snake instagram (@the_painted_snake) or any of our other social media platforms. You probably really like pouring videos which hey, I've fallen down that rabbit hole all too many times. I didn't ever really think I'd start a blog, but I get a ton of questions about fluid art and our social media presence so this seemed like the best way to consolidate my answers and give a little context.

A lot of people ask me why/how I got started with fluid art in the first place. The short answer? Lots of how to videos. The long answer? I grew up watching an ambitious grandmother, Gigi, make whatever she wanted. Her craft room was one of my favorite places to be - I could find supplies to make anything under the sun. Our crafting adventures ran the gambit from painting concrete sidewalks, sewing, painting, scrapbooking, knitting, and a terrible afternoon in which I could not be taught how to crochet. As I got older, I created more traditional styled paintings for her and she would hang them around her home with such pride. I don't have the patience for learning brush strokes so I eventually looked for other art forms. Gigi and I couldn't be stopped - if she wanted to try it, we bought the art supplies and jumped in.

Primary Colors Swipe

I love the freedom and chaos of fluid art. You can really never make the same thing twice. You can get really good at the same technique, but each piece will always be unique. I love the puzzle: figuring out the pouring mediums versus consistency versus color combos. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I'm in it for the adventure and the beautiful paintings. Fluid art also helped me deal with my grief - I missed my crafting partner. Gigi was my favorite person to call when I'd have a crafting breakthrough. She would have loved fluid painting. The colors and mess would have filled her with joy. 
"Electric Eel" -neon flip cup with resin top coat
Now that I’ve been painting for about two years, I’ve figured a lot of the details out. Now I’m focusing on creating what makes me happy and sharing my love for this technique in a way I know would make Gigi proud. The Painted Snake is my favorite thing to work on every day. I am so happy you’ve found our colorful corner of the internet and I hope you stick around. 


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  • I am thrilled to pieces that I came across your site on Instagram. I love that you paint on anything and everything and it turns out fabulous. I Will follow You forever. I have done a lot of crafts through many years and I found acrylic pouring and I also found at the same time that I have essential tremors in my right arm. So I started it couple years back but I got tired of pouring on canvas and my arm wasn’t doing so well with it shaking all the time. So a couple months back I brought it all out again and a few days back I found your site. You are an inspiration to me thank you thank you thank you. And by the way all your work is beautifully awesome

    Sharon Kish

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